When was the last time you listened carefully to how your brand sounds in the market? To achieve more perfect pitch, we take a targeted approach to measuring the value of your voice. Call it an “auditory audit.” We weigh your message portfolio by how well it aligns with your strategic intentions, how it measures against competitors’ voices, and how well it resonates with key audiences. By filling in this important measure of brand strength, we give brand managers another critical tool for enhancing impact.

Audit how your brand reads on the page, the screen, the billboard…and how it sounds in video and speeches – even in how your employees talk about what you do.
Identify the points of strength, weakness and silence in your brand voice. Amplify what’s working now and fill in the missing notes.
Find the fresh opportunities for what you will say next – and how. Craft new message points conveyed in a distinctive manner.
Cultivate your voice as your business grows – from new products and services to forays into new markets – to ensure that you’re striking just the right tone.