Mark Thomson is a pioneer in brand voice and brand story. He has helped to bring many of the world’s most successful businesses and organizations to life across a full range of media and customer contact-points.

Since 1997, Mark and his network of leading practitioners have helped brands raise their voice through one-on-one engagements and collaborative projects. They have delivered brand assets such as positioning strategy, names and taglines, and traditional and digital content. Today, they continue to extend brand impact by cultivating voice both inside organizations and in the marketplace. As the “marketing director’s best friend,” Mark and his team provide both the strategic thinking and the functional tools that great branding demands.

Mark began his communications career as a writer at Arnell Group in New York City, where he helped to revitalize and launch brands such as Banana Republic, DreamWorks and Samsung. Trained in anthropology, he has written an ethnographic account of American youth subculture. He writes and speaks frequently on topics ranging from advertising and branding to business and cultural trends.

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